Captain's Notes


Ordered to the Kzinto Territories.
Destination: New Bengal Station
Administered by: Clan Ironclaw

Dropped out of warp in the Neap’r system. Vulcan Science Colony and Relay Station. Vulcan Science Vessel D’kar-class. 2 red Dwarfs, 1 Class M planet (Menara), 1 large Asteroid belt.,2 barren Rock planets, 2 gas giants and 3 ice plane
Chief Petty Officer Lourdes Renkall, chief of Supply, Holodeck and Transporters.
Peter Andrews- Captain’s Steward
Captain Barrew Toman, Bolian Captain of the USS Irreland, Miranda class cruiser.

New USS Majestic NPC Crew members Oniger Cassow, Diplomatic Corps./ First Contact Specialist
Ensign Honda Sasuke, Ops.
Ensign Leopold Wainright Tac. Moira Kinney, Xenobiologist


Captain's Notes

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