Lt. Commander Anya Fenix

Fighter Pilot


Lt. Commander Anya Fenix AKA: “MAVERICK” :

A hot blooded ‘lone wolf’ who was top of her flight class, Lt. CMDR Fenix was never anything short of an adrenaline surfing sky warden. Starting at the very ripe age of 8 years old, Fenix would watch her father, a general in the military, pre-flight his own fighter and take to the stars. She would then turn to tinker on some of the ‘parts’ fighters in the hangar bays, learning how each part functioned and worked together. Upon entering training herself at 10 years old, she was told she was still too young to enter the cockpit on her own. Becoming tired of being left behind as the older students took off and engaged in various dog fighting training exercises, she decided that her wait was over. So like any other impatient ten year old, she headed for the fighter bay and hot-wired herself the closest military scream machine she could find. Taking off like a bat out of the deepest depths of hell itself, she tore into the dogfight and shrieked in excitement as she desomated the training exercise and left the students in the MOA in her wake. After her fun was over, she brought the fighter back to bay where she was greeted by the incredibly stone faced General Fenix and an entire military brigade. She stepped off the wing and jumped to the surface, looking rather sheepishly down at her feet as she turned to face the music. And it was that after several long hours of being railed up and down by the general, she was to join the military’s elite, youth fighter academy. Her skills behind the joystick proved superior to even the most outstanding of students that day and her little ‘incident’ went down in history among the military. She flew for hours upon hours every day. Never missing a beat. And ten years later she was the best; the cream of the crop if you will..her skills unmatched by even the most skilled of veteran pilots. She could out fly the sky itself if she so chose..and there was never a day where she didn’t…

Lt. Commander Anya Fenix

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