Lt. Commander Seera Erissa

Chief Medical Officer


A pacifistic Bajoran Starfleet doctor who operates her sickbay with amazing efficiency and skill. She is also a botanist in her spare time. Grew up as a military brat as part of the resistance on Bajor. Although she is a pacifist, she does not lament any Cardassian deaths she may witness. Her Rival is Doctor Blaine Thompson, who more than likely is quite jealous of her skill after her performance in the Battle of Sector 001.



-She wears the earring despite it being against starfleet regulations.

-The number of people who have died while receiving medical care from the doctor is 0 (excluding the Borg that she could not save which by starfleet protocol had to be “humanely euthanized”

-Rescued an Andorian Iceblossom and Vagiran Flower from the brink of extinction. Both specimens are the last of their kinds. She intends to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

-It is because of my out of character statement (so by proxy her fault) that a Q exists in the campaign.

-She received the eyebrow raise from Spock (I don’t care you guys that was cool)

-During the Battle of Sector 001, her sickbay operated fluidly in the heat of battle. She was able to do surgery with precision despite the ship being buffeted. She was also able to bring back 17 out of 24 starfleet officers who were infected by the Borg.

Lt. Commander Seera Erissa

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