A young, green skinned Orion girl, about 12 or 13. Standing 1.3 meters tall, with bright blue eyes and emerald green skin.


Talli had survived, according to her best guess for 3 years on the outlaw space station known as “Haven”. Living inside of the waste recycling pipes, Jeffries Tube, air circulation vents, and wiring conduits, she scavenged, stole or begged to stay alive after the death of her mother, a slave & dancer for the stations Lord and Master D’voriin.

Recognizing the girl’s strength and determination Major Aklo Chogra was suitably impressed, also recognizing that if the girl was to truly live up to her potential she required a great deal of discipline, he decided to adopt the young orphan. Since her adoption she has begun to learn voraciously, once she learned to read, she discovered a love of literature. Also she has found she is very good at learning other languages. Her sessions on the holodeck with her adopted father in physical training, teaching her to defend herself and the finer points of the Andorian art of knife fighting.

Her teachers believe she will eventually join Starfleet to exploit her love of sciences and to live the life of adsventue and exploration that seems to lure her from her studies in the form of old books and stories. Her Teachers and he father both encourage this future for her.


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