The Lady / Helena Quinn

Bored Q


Physical Description: Lady usually appears as a tall, Blue eyed, blonde haired, beautiful human woman. Presumably she may alter her form at will when in posession of her full Q powers. Currently as she is in mortal form as Helena Quinn, she is petite, blue-eyed, and blonde haired pretty young woman of about 25 years of age.

Powers/Skills/Abilities: She is a Q. Nothing is outside of her abilities but currently she is restricted to the limitations of the human body. A perfectly healthy, fully realized human body but a human body nonetheless. Her mind and knowledge is presumably still that wich she posessed as a Q. Her Skills are limited only by the mortal form she finds herself in now. She has shown a love of human romantic fiction, classic science fiction such as Verne, Wells, Clarke, Heinlein, and Niven. She has also been noted as having said that Samuel Clemens was fun at parties.


As a member of the omnipotent Q Continuum, Lady has recently shown an interest in the adventures of the USS Lexington & it’s command staff. As she explained it to Commander Donovan, “I’m Bored with being Bored, Humans are many things EXCEPT Boring. The Continuum is Boring. Your Ship is NOT Boring. Anything else you need to know? By the way, you wired that pulse wave inverter backwards. It’ll detonate when you turn it on.”

With her powers as a Q, she is capable of anything. Recently she has shed those powers voluntarily. Only allowing herself to reassume them in case of a mortal danger. She’s now acting as a member of Cmdr. Donovan’s science Dept. aboard the Lexington. Needless to say, Captain McAskill is less than ecstatic.

The Lady has not spoken of the Q Continuum since her return to the Lexington as a mortal. She has evaded any inquiries of it as a matter of fact. Her continued future aboard the Lexington, and indeed possibly Starfleet will be interesting to watch unfold.

The Lady / Helena Quinn

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