Lt. Commander David Donavan

Head of Science Department aboard the U.S.S. Majestic


Species: Centauran
Gender: Male

Early Life: Academic Upbringing
Academic Life: Intensive Theoretical Sciences
Cadet Cruise: Uncovered Conspiracy!
Tours of Duty:
_Scientific Mission
_Terra forming
_Vulcan Science Academy

Fitness:2 (5)
*Strength: 0
*Vitality: 0
Coordination:2 (5)
*Dexterity: 0
*Reaction: 0
Intellect :4 (5)
*Logic: 4
*Perception: 0
Presence :2 (5)
*Willpower: 0
*Empathy: 1
PSI :0 (5)
*Range: 0

Space Science – 3
*(Astronomy – 4)
*(Astrophysics – 4)
*(Thermodynamics – 4)
Physical Science – 3
*(Physics – 4)
*(Mathematics -4)
*(Quantum Mechanics)
Planet Science – 1
*(Planetology – 3)
*(Climatology – 2)
Life Science – 1
*(Exobiology – 2)
Artistic – 1
*(Holo-sculpture – 2)
Culture – 2
*(Centauran – 2)
History – 1
*(Centauran – 2)
*(Federation – 2)
World Knowledge -1
*(Alpha Centari – 2)
*(Earth – 2)
Computer – 2
*(Simulation – 3)
Personal Equipment – 2
*(Tricorder – 3)
Dodge – 1
Energy Weapon – 1
*(Phaser – 2)
Ship Systems – 3
*(Sensors – 4)
*(Flight Control – 4)
Engineering, Ship – 1
*(Warp Theory – 2)
Engineer, Material – 1
*(Structural/Space – 2)
Law – 2
*(Starfleet – 3)
Vehicle – 1
*(Suttlecraft – 2)
Administration – 2
*(Logistics – 3)
*(Security – 3)

Sexy +
Patron +1
Curious +2

Arrogant -1
Rival -1 (Thadeus Hofbrincl)
Poor Sight
Intolerant -1 (Civilians)

Courage – 3

Renown: 24
*Aggression: 1
*Discipline: 1
*Initiative: 7
*Openness: 4
*Skill: 11


While for the most part having a fairy standard childhood, David Donavan showed an incredible skill for the science at an early age. After Grade school, Donavan was admitted to the Intensive Theoretical Sciences program, from which he graduated with honors. Shortly there after he join Starfleet to be on the cutting edge of scientific discovery.

Donavan first gained renown on the his cadet cruise. In a brief resupply stop back at Alpha Centuri, a new drive system was being tested in orbit and, as these things do, things went wrong. Donavan, in his spare time, managed to work out the equations and realize the fundamental flaw in the basic theory. Following it back to the source, Donavan found a number of corrupt professors who were making fake theorems for their own fame and profit. After the truth was revealed, all those except one who were involved in the conspericy were kicked out of academia in disgrace. The one who career wasn’t completely destroyed was Professor Thadeus Hofbrincl, who claimed ignorance. As such, he was only fired for incompetence rather than fraud. He bears a deep resentment of Donavan to this day.

=To-Do List=
This is Donavan basic list of things to do. I’ll update more as I think of more stuff
Install upgraded cloak detection sensors in the USS Majestic.
This is the detection system we built to find the I.S.S. Spartan.
Add advanced tachyon emitters for easy use of the Donavan Maneuver.
Build the Very Dangerous Array.
While it has it’s origins as being made out of torpedoes (hence the name), this need not be the case. The VDA is in fact a sensor network made up of many smaller drones that would fan out in patterns around the ship. While each drone could have fairly poor sensor systems, them networked as a whole can provide some very high resolution data. If torpedoes are used, just think of it as very proactive target acquisition.
Customized tricoder/Omni-tool
Implement an AR interface on my personal tricorder and station on the bridge. Perhaps allow remote access to my station, but there will have to be security protocols.
Work on Trans-dimensional drive in secret.
I won’t keep any digital copies, but I will work on the equation on paper, and all of it will be encrypted. I feel that this drive has the potential to allow ship to move vast distances in there own dimensions as well as into others. When the Lexington crossed over, we went straight from vanguard station to the Sol System. That means the dimensions don’t always line up. With a good map, we could leap frog through dimensions to the other side of our galaxy.
Develop Theory for extra-dimensional spaces
Combine with above theory to make TARDIS.
Subspace jamming
Nucleogenic shielding
Make Anti-Borg shielding (Knife shields)
Quantum phasers?
Make policy that the head science officer gets to wear a longcoat as part of his uniform
Longcoats are cool.
Make gloves that shoot lighting on command.
It is every scientist’s dream to shout “SCIENCE!” and have lighting shoot from his hands.

Lt. Commander David Donavan

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