“Space, The Final Frontier, These Are the voyages of the Federation starship USS Majestic, It’s Mission, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to defend freedom and protect the welfare of the Federation and all those who cannot defend themselves. To discover new and formerly unknown acheivements in the sciences and technologies..”

To quote the Q who calls herself “Lady”, “Humans are many things EXCEPT Boring. The Continuum is Boring. Your ship & people are NOT Boring. Anything else you need to know?" Well they may not be the Picard & the Enterprise, or Janeway & the Voyager. But they get the job done. It is the year after the Dominion War and the Battle of Sector 001. The Galaxy is in a state of constant flux, Military, Political and Scientific. Once more starfleet has returned to it’s true Mission. To explore, to discover, to reach for knowledge and engage and surpass the challenges destiny places in their path.

This is the time and place the USS Majestic and it’s stalwart crew finds itself. Welcome to the Future. It’s a dangerous place. But it’s never Boring.

Star Trek: The Vanguard Campaign

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