Star Trek: The Vanguard Campaign


Captain’s log stardate 2375.36 – 2375.38

We took the USS Majestic from the space dock today at 1600 hours to preform her shakedown mission in the Kzinto Territories to promote peace. Its a fine ship with great crew. They are trained for the mission ahead. Exploration. With the Dominion war over and the Borg defeated it is time for Star fleet to expand peace.

We took off at warp three, for her shakedown and after a day had computer core trouble. Our ship exited warp in the Neap’r system for repairs that was estimated to be 2 days. Upon exit of warp, a Kzinti tribe called Clan Ironclaw, who offered help. I have declined their help to let Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Yuhas better learn this new lady. We hope to be underway quickly.
End of Log



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