Star Trek: The Vanguard Campaign

Battle of Sector 001

During the Battle of Sector 001, the Lexington and her crew promoted the very best of Starfleet’s ideals. To have done better is in my view, impossible.

Without the Lexington’s aid, I and my crew aboard the Enterprise could never have destroyed the Tactical Cube before it reached Earth. Her Captain and crew deserve the highest praise and this is my reccomendation to award them the citations and reward that their excellence and dedication to duty demand.

My considered opinion stands that without the Lexington, Starfleet, Enterprise and Earth would no longer exist as we have come to know and enjoy. Indeed, it is quite possible that without them, the Federation would have been destroyed by the destruction of Earth. At the very least it would have been crippled.

I heartily support the choice to award Captain MacAskill and his crew the newest of the Legacy-class vessels when it comes of the line in 8 weeks. He is very much the right captain for the job of shaking her down.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard,
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E



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