Basic Timeline (WiP)

Stardates in the campaign wil lbe done in this fashion.
Augsut 21st, 2375, is written as Stardate: 82375.21

This Timeline may indeed be wrong. It’s a hybrid of a website I discovered and my own. I’m currently keeping it as a WiP. If it changes, or you see something you think is wrong let me know. I’m flexible.

All years given in this time line are Earth years.

TOS = Star Trek: The Original Series
TNG = Star Trek: The Next Generation
DS9 = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
VGR = Star Trek: Voyager
ENT = Star Trek: Enterprise

4000000000 BC
An ancient humaniod race seeds the oceans of many worlds with genetic material in hopes that life on those worlds would evolved into something resembling themselfs. They also encoded a message into the DNA on those worlds that is revealed when all the DNA fragements are put together. – The Chase (TNG)

7846 BC
The Orgainings begain sending idivuals to study how crews of various vessles re-act to a deadly silicon based virus that they get by visiting a certain class M planet. The idivuals they send aren’t allowed to interfere with the efforts of the crews’ attempts to find a cure for the virus or even tell the crews they are being observed. – Observer Effect (ENT)

4000 BC
The Xindi Avians establish a temporary colony on a planet in what is to become known as the Delphic Expance. That coloney later becomes the home of the Xindi Council after the Xindi’s 100 year long war in the 20th century – The Council (ENT)

2000 BC
A group of aliens with powerfull psychokinetic abilities settle down in the Mediterranean area on Earth. These aliens were worshiped by the ancient Greeks as gods and where the origin of many Greek myths. The aliens eventualy left when humans out grew their cultural needs for them and went to Pollux IV. – Who Mourns for Adonais (TOS)

400 BC
A group of aliens who flead their home system after its sun went Nova arrive on Earth. They settle in around Greece and become great admirers of the philosopher Plato. – Plato’s Stepchildren (TOS)

200 BC
The aliens that arived on Earth in 400 BC leave and establish a colony on a planet they named Platonius. They attempted to pattern their colony after Plato’s Republic. About six months after their arrival, they begain to develope powerfull telekinetic abilities which were caused by them absorbing trace amounts of kironide from the planet’s eviroment. – Plato’s Stepchildren (TOS)

Surak of Vulcan begains his work of stearing Vulcans to the way of logic during a devistating war on his planet. Not all Vulcans agree with Surak’s teachings and leave Vulcan. – Numerous Cannon Star Trek Sources

A cilization of shape-shifters in the Gamma Quadrant retreate to a planet in the Omarion nebula. They then found an empire that becomes known as The Dominion and they themselefs become known as the Founders. They genicaly engineered two speices to help control their empire. Those species are the Vorta and the Jem’Hadar. – To the Death (DS9)

Kahless unites the people of the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS by defeating the tyrant Molor and the Fek’Ihri. Kahless also taught his people with the laws of honor the shape Klingon society well into the 24th century – The Savage Curtain (TOS), Rightful Heir (TNG), Reunion (TNG), Birthright Part II (TNG), Firstborn (TNG), New Ground (TNG), The Sword of Kahless (DS9)

A race of transdementional aliens contruct over 70 spheres in a region of space that later becomes known as the Delphic Expance. The purpose of the spheres are to make that region of space habitable for the transdementional aliens at the expence of making it unhabitable for all the life there. The proccess is very slow and would take over 1400 years to complete. While the regian of space is transformed spacial anomolies form in it – Chosen Realm (ENT)

An Organian individual begains observing how crews of various vessels re-act to a deadly silicon based virus that the contract from visiting a Class M planet. – Observer Effect (ENT)

A group of aliens called the Nacene who are from another galaxy vist the Ocampa homeworld in the Delta Quadrant. The Nacene were un-aware that their technology was destructive to a Class M enviroment. The result was that their planet became virtualy a deseart. The Nacene created an underground city for the Ocampa and two Nacene stayed behind to take care of the Ocampa who’s powerfull intellectual and psionic abilities atrophied because of the lack of use – Caretaker (VGR)

Vulcan makes a full recovery from the wars that took place 1,500 years earlier. – The Forge (ENT)

The 100 year long war is started on the Xindi homeworld. No one is quite sure what triggered it but it was most likely caused by one of the six species of Xindi tries to establish itself as the most dominate one. – The Shipment (ENT)

The USS Enterprise NX-01 gets set back to this year by people in the 30th to stop a faction in the Temperal Cold War from distroying all time by altering the events of World War II. It is hoped that if the crew is successfull, the Temperal Cold War would have never happened and history would be totaly restored. – Storm Front Parts I and II (ENT)

Quark, Rom, Nog, and Odo while traveling to Earth on a Ferengi shuttle, get through backwards in time to this year and crash land near Roswell, New Mexico on Earth. The US goverment capturs them and publicaly denies they captured any aliens or space craft. Some members of the public don’t believe the goverment’s story of what happened and start this conspiricy theory that goes on for decades… Quark, Rom, Nog, and Odo manage to escape and get back to their own time period – Little Green Men (DS9)

Sputnik I, Earth’s first artifical satellite is launched. – Historical Accounts and Carbon Creek (ENT)
While investigating the launch of Earth’s first satelite, a Vulcan vessle makes an emergency landing near Carbon Creek. The survivors, including T’Pol’s great-grandmother manage to live amoung Humans for a couple of months with out being exposed as aliens. They are rescued after a couple months by another Vulcan ship though one elects to remain behind on Earth. – Carbon Creek (ENT)

Episode: Assignment: Earth (TOS)

Khan Noonien Singh rises to power on Earth and takes over quater of the planet starting the Eugenics Wars – Space Seed (TOS)

Earth’s Eugenics wars conclude. Khan Noonien Singh gets overthrown and him and 96 of his fellow geneticly engineered people escape on a DY-100 class sleeper ship called the S.S Botany Bay. – Space Seed (TOS)

Voyager 6 is launched from Earth. It eventualy fell into a wormhole like phenomon and emerged on the other side of the galaxy where it was discovered by a race of living machines who enhanced the probe to be capible of fofill its programing of “Learn all that is learnable and return that information to the Creator.” – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

19 opperatives of the Al Queda terrorist network highjack four commercial jet airplanes on September 11th and attempt to fly them into targets in the United States of America on Earth. Three of the air craft make it to the targets and kill over 3,000 innocent people from 92 countries. The War Against Terrorism on Earth begins. – Historical Accounts, Storm Front Part II (ENT)

The 100 year long war on the Xindi Homeworld ends with the distruction of the planet. The planet was destroyed when the Xindi Reptilians and Insectoids plant devices on the planet and trigger a massive earthquake. The distruction of the Xindi homewold results in the exitinction of the Xindia Avians who didn’t establish any permiment colonies on other worlds. The surviving Xindi, with the help of some transdementional aliens, establish colonies on other worlds. The surving species of Xindi also form a council in order to prevent the exitinction of another species of Xindi and to find a new homeworld for themselfs. – The Xindi (ENT), The Shipment (ENT), The Council (ENT)

A group of Xindi reptilians from the year 2153 arrive on Earth to begin in secrete development of a biological weapon to wipe out humans. They were stoped by Johnaton Archer and T’Pol who were sent backwards in time by a Mr. Daniels from the 30th century. – Carpenter Street (ENT)

The American goverment creates “Sanctuary Districts” to take care of the homeless in most major cities. Although started with a benevolent intent, they quickly become inhumane interment camps for the unemployed, mentally ill, and other outcasts. – Past Tense Part I (DS9)

The Bell Riots break out in San Francisco’s Sanctuary District A after months of unrest by its residents. Hundreds are killed in the riots and public opinion turns against the Sanctuary Districts and they are abolished. – Past Tense Parts I and II (DS9)

Earth’s third world war breaks out. Most goverments and cities are distroyed. Over 300 million dead. Civilization there was nearly throne back to the stone age because of the conflic. – Star Trek: First Contact

Tensions between the Andorians and Tellarites begains. – Bable One (ENT)

April 5, 2063 Zefram Cochrane pilots Earth’s fist warp capible spacecraft. – Star Trek: First Contact

April 5, 2063 First contact between Humans and Vulcans – Star Trek: First Contact

April 5, 2063 In the mirror universe, the mirror Zefram Cochrane pilots that universe’s first warp capible Earth spacecraft. – In a Mirror, Darkly(ENT)

April 5, 2063 First contact between Humans and Vulcans in the mirror universe. In that universe, insead of greating the Vulcans, Zefram Cochrane kills at least one Vulcan and the other Humans around raid the Vulcan vessel. Some time after, war breaks out between Earth and Vulcan and Vulcan looses and the Vulcans become slaves. – In a Mirror, Darkly(ENT)

One of the Nacene who where left to watch over the Ocampa leaves the Ocampa homeworld taking 2,000 Ocampa with her. She helps the Ocampa she took regain their abilities so that some can join her in a subspace domain she calls Exosia. – Cold Fire (VGR)

T’Pol is born on Vulcan – Zero Hour (ENT)

A group of Andorians on the Andorian homeworld make contact with the Aenar. The Aenar are a rare sub species of Andorians that are white, blind, telephatic, and thought to be mythical. -
The Aenar (ENT)

T’Pau is born on Vulcan. She would later become on of the most powerfull people on Vulcan. – The Forge (ENT), Amok Time (TOS)

Commander Shran of the Andorian Empirial Guard assumes command of the Kumari, an Andoria ship that was the first of her class. – Bable One (ENT)

April 16, 2151 Episode: Broken Bow (ENT)
May 6, 2151 Episode: Fight or Flight (ENT)
Episode: Strange New World (ENT)
Episode: Unexpected (ENT)
Episode: Terra Nova (ENT)
Episode: The Andorian Incident (ENT)
Episode: Breaking the Ice (ENT)
July 31, 2151 Episode: Civilization (ENT)
Episode: Fortunate Son (ENT)
Episode: Cold Front (ENT)
September 1, 2151Episode: Silent Enemy (ENT)
Episode: Dear Doctor (ENT)
Episode: Sleeping Dogs (ENT)
Episode: Shadows of P’Jem (ENT)
November 9, 2151 Episode: Shuttlepod One (ENT)
Episode: Fusion (ENT)
Episode: Rogue Planet (ENT)
Episode: Acquisition (ENT)
Episode: Oasis (ENT)
Episode: Detained (ENT)
Episode: Vox Sola (ENT)

February 9, 2152 Episode: Fallen Hero (ENT)
February 12, 2152 Episode: Desert Crossing (ENT)
February 18, 2152 Episode: Two Days and Two Nights (ENT)
Episode: Shockwave Part I (ENT)
Episode: Shockwave Part II (ENT)
April 2152 Episode: Carbon Creek (ENT)
Episode: Minefield (ENT)
Episode: Dead Stop (ENT)
Episode: A Night in Sickbay (ENT)
Episode: Marauders (ENT)
Episode: The Seventh (ENT)
Episode: The Communicator (ENT)
Episode: Singularity (ENT)
Episode: Vanishing Point (ENT)
September 12, 2152 Episode: Precious Cargo (ENT)
September 18, 2152 Episode: The Catwalk (ENT)
Episode: Dawn (ENT)
Episode: Stigma (ENT)
Episode: Cease Fire (ENT)
Episode: Future Tense (ENT)
Episode: Canamar (ENT)
Episode: The Crossing (ENT)
Episode: Judgment (ENT)

January 10, 2153 Episode: Horizon (ENT)
Episode: The Breach (ENT)
Episode: Cogenitor (ENT)
March 1, 2153 Episode: Regeneration (ENT)
Episode: First Flight (ENT)
March 21, 2153 Episode: Bounty (ENT)
April 24, 2153 Episode: The Expanse (ENT)
Episode: The Xindi (ENT)
An Aenar individual named Gareb is captured by the Romulans on the Andorian homeworld. His people thought he died but he was realy being used as a test subject by the Romulans to find a way to control ships remotely. – The Aenar (ENT)
Episode: Anomaly (ENT)
Episode: Extinction (ENT)
Episode: Rajiin (ENT)
Episode: Impulse (ENT)
Episode: Exile (ENT)
Episode: The Shipment (ENT)
Episode: Twilight (ENT)
Episode: North Star (ENT)
Episode: Similitude (ENT)
Episode: Carpenter Street (ENT)
Episode: Chosen Realm (ENT)
December 6, 2153 Episode: Proving Ground (ENT)
December 12, 2153 Episode: Stratagem (ENT)
December 27, 2153 Episode: Harbinger (ENT)
Episode: Doctor’s Orders (ENT)

January 8, 2154 Episode: Hatchery (ENT)
Episode: Azati Prime (ENT)
Episode: Damage (ENT)
Episode: The Forgotten (ENT)
Episode: E2 (ENT)
Episode: The Council (ENT)
February 13, 2154 Episode: Countdown (ENT)
February 14, 2154 Episode: Zero Hour (ENT)
Episode: Home (ENT)
May 17, 2154 Episode: Borderland (ENT)
Episode: Cold Station 12 (ENT)
May 27, 2154 Episode: The Augments (ENT)
The Klingons recover human augment DNA from the reckage of the ship the augments stole. The combine the DNA with Klingon DNA to create Klingon Augments. However the attemps were disaterous and the augements they make die painfull deaths. Matters are made worse when one of the augments catches the flew and the flew virus mutates creating a disease that could wipe out the Klingons.
Episode: The Forge (ENT)
Episode: Awakening (ENT)
Episode: Kir’Shara (ENT)
Episode: Daedalus (ENT)
Episode: Observer Effect (ENT)
Episode: Bable One (ENT)
Episode: United (ENT)
Episode: The Aenar (ENT)
Episode: Affliction (ENT)
Episode: Divergence (ENT)
December 27, 2154 Episode: Bound (ENT)
In the mirror universe, the Terran Empire starts loosing a war with rebels from worlds Humans had concurred.
Episode: In a Mirror, Darkly (ENT)
Episode: In a Mirror, Darkly Part II (ENT)
In the mirror universe, Hoshi Sato becomes Empress of the Terran Empire and puts an end to the rebellion.
January 19, 2155 Episode: Demons (ENT)
Episode: Terra Prime (ENT)
The war between Humans and Romulans breaks out – Conjecture
The Human and Romulan war ends with the battle of Cheron. A peace treaty is signed that established a neutral zone between Romulus and Remus and the rest of the galaxy. – Balance of Terror (TOS), The Defector (TNG)
The Enterprise, while on route to Earth to be decommission goes on an un-authorised mission to rescue the former Commander Shran’s daughter who is being held hostage on Rigel 10. The mission is a sucess but Commander Tucker is later killed when the hostage takers catch up with Enterprise. – These Are the Voyages… (ENT)
The United Federation of Planets is founded. Founding members are Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites. One of the signers of the Federation charter is Johnaton Archer – The Outcast (TNG), Zero Hour (ENT), These Are The Voyages (ENT)
Jonathan Archer becomes President of the United Federation of Planets.
Jonathan Archer ends his presidency.
Montgomery Scott is born – Relics (TNG)
Leonard H. McCoy is born – Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Spock is born on Vulcan – Conjecture
James T. Kirk is born in Iowa on Earth – The Deadly Years (TOS)
Hikaru Sulu is born in San Francisco on Earth – Conjector, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Uhura is born – Conjecture
Montgomery Scott is admited to Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Montgomery Scott graduates from Starfleet Academy and begins serving as a Starfleet engineer – Relics (TNG)
Leonard H. McCoy enters medical school – Conjecture
Pavel Andreivich Chekov is born – Who Morns for Adonais? (TOS)
The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is launced from San Francisco Yards under the command of Robert April – Assumption based on Gene Roddenberry’s suggestion
Spock is admited to Starfleet Academy – Journey to Bable (TOS)
James T. Kirk is admitted to Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Christopher Pike assumes command of the USS Enterprise – Conjecture
Spock graduates from Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Leonard H. McCoy graduates from medical school – Conjecture
James T. Kirk graduates from Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Episode: The Cage (TOS)
Hikaru Sulu is admited to Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Uhura is admited to Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Hikaru Sulu graduates from Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Uhura graduates from Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
James T. Kirk is promoted to captain and assumes command of the USS Enterprise – Conjecture
The Enterprise enbarks on its historical mission – Conjecture
Tuvok is born – Flashback (VGR)
Future Dax host Joran is born on the Planet Trill – Equilibrium (DS9)
Stardate 1312.4 Episode: Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS)
Stardate 1329.8 Episode: Mudd’s Women (TOS)
Stardate 1512.2 Episode: The Corbomite Maneuver (TOS)
Stardate 1513.1 Episode: The Man Trap (TOS)
Stardate 1533.6 Episode: Charlie X (TOS)
Stardate 1672.1 Episode: The Enemy Within (TOS)
Stardate 1704.2 Episode: The Naked Time (TOS)
Stardate 1709.2 Episode: Balance of Terror (TOS)
Stardate 2124.5 Episode: The Squire of Gothos (TOS)
Stardate 2534.0 Episode: Patterns of Force (TOS)
Stardate 2712.4 Episode: What Are Little Girls Made Of? (TOS)
Stardate 2713.5 Episode: Miri (TOS)
Stardate 2715.1 Episode: Dagger of the Mind (TOS)
Stardate 2817.6 Episode: The Conscience of the King (TOS)
Stardate 2821.5 Episode: The Galileo Seven (TOS)
Stardate 2947.3 Episode: Court Martial (TOS)
Stardate 3012.4 Episode: The Menagerie Part I (TOS)
Stardate 3013.1 Episode: The Menagerie Part II (TOS)
Stardate 3018.2 Episode: Catspaw (TOS)
Stardate 3025.3 Episode: Shore Leave (TOS)
Stardate 3045.6 Episode: Arena (TOS)
Stardate 3087.6 Episode: The Alternative Factor (TOS)
Stardate 3113.2 Episode: Tomorrow is Yesterday (TOS)
Stardate 3141.9 Episode: Space Seed (TOS)
Stardate 3156.2 Episode: Return of the Archons (TOS)
Stardate 3192.1 Episode: A Taste of Armageddon (TOS)
Stardate 3196.1 Episode: The Devil in the Dark (TOS)
Stardate 3198.4 Episode: Errand of Mercy (TOS)
Episode: The City on the Edge of Forever (TOS)
Stardate 3211.7 Episode: The Gamesters of Triskelion (TOS)
Stardate 3219.8 Episode: Metamorphosis (TOS)
Stardate 3287.2 Episode: Operation: Annihilate! (TOS)
Stardate 3372.7 Episode: Amok Time (TOS)
Stardate 3417.3 Episode: This Side of Paradise (TOS)
Stardate 3451.9 Episode: The Changeling (TOS)
Stardate 3468.1 Episode: Who Morns for Adonais? (TOS)
Stardate 3478.2 Episode: The Deadly Years (TOS)
Stardate 3842.3 Episode: Journey to Babel
Stardate 3497.2 Episode: Friday’s Child (TOS)
Stardate 3614.9 Episode: Wolf in the Fold (TOS)
Stardate 3619.2 Episode: Obsession (TOS)
Stardate 3715.3 Episode: The Apple (TOS)
Episode: Mirror, Mirror (TOS)
Stardate 4040.7 Episode: Bread and Circuses (TOS)
Episode: The Doomsday Machine (TOS)
Stardate 4211.4 Episode: A Private Little War (TOS)
Stardate 4307.1 Episode: The Immunity Syndrom (TOS)
Episode: A Piece of the Action (TOS)
Stardate 4372.5 Episode: Elaan of Troyius (TOS)
Stardate 4385.3 Episode: Spectre of the Gun (TOS)
Stardate 4513.3 Episode: I, Mudd (TOS)
Stardate 4523.3 Episode: The Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)
Stardate 4657.5 Episode: By Any Other Name (TOS)
Stardate 4729.4 Episode: The Ultimate Computer (TOS)
Episode: The Omega Glory (TOS)
The USS Enterprise is sent backwards in to the year 1968 to investigate the possiblitiy of aliens helping out Humans survive a difficult erra. – Assignment: Earth (TOS)
Stardate 4768.3 Episode: Return to Tomorrow (TOS)
Stardate 4842.6 Episode: The Paradise Syndrome (TOS)
Stardate 5027.3 Episode: The Enterprise Incident (TOS)
Stardate 5029.5 Episode: And the Children Shall Lead (TOS)
Stardate 5121.5 Episode: The Empath (TOS)
Stardate 5423.4 Episode: The Mark of Gideon (TOS)
Stardate 5431.4 Episode: Spock’s Brain (TOS)
Stardate 5476.3 Episode: For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (TOS)
Episode: Day of the Dove
Stardate 5630.7 Episode: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (TOS)
Stardate 5693.2 Episode: The Tholian Web (TOS)
Stardate 5710.5 Episode: Wink of an Eye (TOS)
Episode: That Which Survives (TOS)
Stardate 5718.3 Episode: Whom Gods Destroy (TOS)
Stardate 5725.3 Episode: The Lights of Zetar (TOS)
Stardate 5730.2 Episode: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (TOS)
Stardate 5784.2 Episode: Plato’s Stepchildren (TOS)
Stardate 5818.4 Episode: The Cloud Minders (TOS)
Stardate 5832.3 Episode: The Way to Eden (TOS)
Stardate 5843.7 Episode: Requiem for Methuselah (TOS)
Stardate 5906.4 Episode: The Savage Curtain (TOS)
Stardate 5928.5 Episode: Turnabout Intruder (TOS)
Stardate 5943.7 Episode: All Our Yesterdays (TOS)
The USS Enterprise begins underging a major refit – Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Spock retires from Starfleet and returns home to Vulcan – Conjecture
Leonard H. McCoy retires from Starfleet – Conjecture
Stardate 7412.6 Movie: Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Spock is promoted Captain and begins teaching at Starfleet Academy using the USS Enterprise as a training vessle – Conjecture
Pavel Andreievich Chekov is assigned to the USS Reliant as first officer – Conjecture
James T. Kirk retires from Starfleet – Conjecture
James T. Kirk returns to Starfleet as an instructor at Starfleet Academy – Star Trek Generations
Audrid Dax dies. The Dax symbiont is then joined with Torias – Equilibrium (DS9)
Stardate: 8130.3 Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Lt. Saavik and David Marcus are assigned to the USS Grisson to study the Genesis Planet – Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Stardate: 8210.3 Movie: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Spock undergoes reeducation and retraining at his home on Vulcan. – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Torias Dax dies. The Dax symbiont is then joined with Joran. Joran becomes violant and dies. Trill authorities try to eradicate all evidence that Joran was joined. – Equilibrium (DS9)
The Dax symbiont is joined with Curzon – Equilibrium (DS9)
Stardate 8390.0 Movie: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
The USS Yorktown is re-crissoned USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
Stardate 8454.1 Movie: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Tuvok enters Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Hikaru Sulu is promoted to Captain and is assumes command of the USS Excelsior
The Klingons develop an improved bird-of-pray that can fire a weapon while maintaining a limited invisibility cloak.
Tuvok graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Excelsior – Flashback (VGR)
Stardate 9521.6 Movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
The USS Enterprise-A is retired – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B is lunched. James Kirk, Montgomery Scot, and Pavel Andreivich Chekov attend its launching ceremony. James Kirk is believed killed when the Enterprise-B answeres a destress signal from two El-Aurian ships caught inside the Nexus. – Star Trek Generations
Montgomery Scott retires from Starfleet and is reported missing after shuttle caring hin to the Norpin V colony disseapers. – Relics (TNG)
Tuvok resigns from Starfleet and attempts Kohlinar – Flashback (VGR)
Tuvok experiances pon-farr and is forced to abaddon Kohlinar. He then marries T’Pel
Jean-Luc Picard is born in LaBarre, France on Earth – Conjecture, Conundrum (TNG)
The Cardassain Union offers assistance to the Bajorans. – Emissary (DS9)
Jean-Luc Picard applies for Starfleet Academy but is rejacted and told to try again the following year. – Conjecture
Jean-Luc Picard is admited to Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Beverly C. Howard is born – Conundrum (TNG)
The Cardassain Union annexes Bajor forcing much of the native population to settle on other worlds. Those who stay behind are tortured and mistreated. The Cardassains begin to strip the planet of its natural resources. The Bajorans where so determined to get back their freedom, they abolished their caste system so anyone could become a soldier. – Ensign Ro (TNG), Emissary (DS9), Accession (DS9)
Benjamin Lafayette Sisko is born in New Orleans of Earth – Conjecture
Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the USS Stargazer – Conjecture
William Thomas Riker is born in Valdez, Alaska on Earth – The Icarus Factor (TNG)
Data is activated at the Omicron Theta colony – Inheritance (TNG)
Geordi LaForge is born – Cause and Effect (TNG)
Data is abandoned at the Omicron Theta colony after an attack by the crystalline entity – Inheritance (TNG)
Deanna Troi is born on Betazed – Conundrum (TNG)
Natasha Yar is born at the colony on Turkana IV – The Naked Now (TNG), Legacy (TNG)
Data is discovered by the Starship Tripoli’s crew – Datalore (TNG)
Worf is born on Qo’noS – The Bonding (TNG)
Data is admitted to Starfleet academy. Was almost rejected on the grounds that he wasn’t sentient – Conundrum (TNG), Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Future Dax host Jadzai is born – Emissary (DS9)
Julian Subatoi Bashir is born – Distant Voices (DS9)
Beverly C. Howard is admited to Starfleet medical school – Conundrum (TNG)
Kira Nerys is born on the planet Bajor in the Dahkur Province – The Maquis Part I (DS9), Second Skin (DS9)
The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C is destroyed while defending the Klingon outpost on Narendra III from Romulan attackers. – Yesterday’s Enterprise (TNG)
The Romulans attack the Klingon outpost on Khitomer leaving very few survivors. One of the survivors is Worf who lost both of his parents – Sins of the Father (TNG)
Worf is adopted by the Human Starfleet officer Segey Rozhenko – Heart of Glory (TNG), Family (TNG)
Miles Edward O’Brien works on a transporter for the first time during the Setlik III massacre – The Wounded (TNG), Realm of Fear (TNG), Paradise (DS9)
Beverly C. Howard marries Jack Crusher and changes name to Beverly C. Crusher – Conjecture
Wesley Crusher is born – Evolution (TNG)
Tuvok returns to Starfleet after relising why his parents wanted him to join in the first place. – Flashback (TNG)
Harry Kim is born
Beverly C. Crusher graduates from Starfleet medical school – Conundrum (TNG)
Benjamin Lafayette Sisko inters Starfleet Academy – Emissary (DS9)
Chakotay enters Starfleet Academy – Tattoo (VGR)
Quark leaves his home to go seek his fortune – Family Business (DS9)
Terok Nor is built by the Cardassain forces in orbit around Bajor – Babel (DS9)
Natasha Yar flees Turkana IV and joins Starfleet= – Legacy (TNG)
William Thomas Riker is admited to Starfleet Academy – Chain of Command Part I (TNG)
Geordi LaForge is admitted to Starfleet Academy – Cause and Effect (TNG)
Jack Crusher dies – True Q (TNG)
Benjamin Lafayette Sisko graduates from Starfleet Academy – Emissary (DS9)
Chakotay graduates from Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
The USS Stargazer is destroyed at Maxia Zeta while under the command of Jean-Luc Picard – The Battle (TNG)
Jake Sisko is Born – Move Along Home (DS9)
William Thomas Riker graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Pegasus – Chain of Command Part I (TNG), The Pegasus (TNG)
Geordi LaForge graduates from Starfleet Academy – Conundrum (TNG)
Worf becomes the first Klingon to be admitted to Starfleet Academy – Heart of Glory (TNG)
William Thomas Riker is one of 9 people who survived the distruction of the USS Pegasus – The Pegasus (TNG)
William Thomas Riker is assigned to the planet Betazed and becauses romantically involved with Deanna Troi – Conjecture
Julian Subatoi Bashir enters Starfleet medical school – Conjecture
William Thomas Riker is assigned to the USS Potemkin – Second Chances (TNG)
William Thomas Riker gets duplicated during a transporter accident on Nervala IV. His duplicated gets marrooned their. – Second Chances (TNG)
William Thomas Riker gets promoted to Lt. Commander and is assigned as first officer on the USS Hood. – Conjecture
William Thomas Riker breaks up with Deanna Troi – Second Chances (TNG)
Worf graduates from Starfleet Academy – Conundrum (TNG)
The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is launched – Lonely Amoung Us (TNG)
Odo meats Gul Dukat for the first time – Necessary Evil (DS9)
Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the USS Enterprise-D – All Good Things… (TNG)
William Thomas Riker accepts a transphere from the USS Hood to the USS Enterprise-D – Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Stardate 41153.7 Episode: Encounter at Farpoint (TNG)
Stardate 41209.2 Episode: The Naked Now (TNG)
Stardate 41235.25 Episode: Code of Honor (TNG)
Stardate 41242.4 Episode: Datalore (TNG)
Stardate given in this episode contridics events in Skin of Evil (TNG) Episode: Angel One (TNG)
Stardate 41249.3 Episode: Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Stardate 41255.6 Episode: Justice (TNG)
Stardate 41263.1 Episode: Where No One Has Gone Before (TNG)
Stardate 41294.5 Episode: Haven (TNG)
Stardate 41309.5 Episode: Too Short a Season (TNG)
Stardate given in this episode contridics events in Skin of Evil (TNG) The Big Goodbye (TNG)
Stardate 41365.9 Episode: 11001001 (TNG)
Stardate 41386.4 Episode: The Last Outpost (TNG)
Stardate given in this episode contridics events in Skin of Evil (TNG) Episode: The Battle (TNG)
Stardate 41416.2 Episode: Coming of Age (TNG)
Stardate 41463.9 Episode: Home Soil (TNG)
Stardate 41503.7 Episode: Heart of Glory (TNG)
Stardate given in this episode contridics events in Skin of Evil (TNG) Episode: The Arsenal of Freedom (TNG)
Stardate 41509.1 Episode: When the Bough Breaks (TNG)
Stardate 41590.5 Episode: Hide in Q (TNG)
Episode: Symbiosis (TNG)
Stardate 41601.3 Episode: Skin of Evil (TNG)
Stardate 41697.9 Episode: We’ll Always Have Paris (TNG)
Stardate 41775.5 Episode: Conspiracy (TNG)
Stardate 41986.0 Episode: The Neutral Zone (TNG)
Beverly C. Crusher leaves the USS Enterprise-D to accept a possision as head of Starfleet Medical. – The Child (TNG)
Katherine Pulaski begins her assignment on the USS Enterprise-D as chief medical officer. – The Child (TNG)
Stardate 42073.1 Episode: The Child (TNG)
Stardate 42193.6 Episode: Where Silence Has Lease (TNG)
Stardate 42286.3 Episode: Elementary, Dear Data (TNG)
Quark arrives at Terok Nor and opens a bar
Stardate 42402.7 Episode: The Outrageous Okona (TNG)
Stardate 42437.5 Episode: The Schizoid Man (TNG)
Stardate 42477.2 Episode: Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Stardate 42494.8 Episode: Unnatural Selection (TNG)
Stardate 42506.5 Episode: A Matter of Honor (TNG)
Odo is invited to be the security investigator on Terok Nor by Gul Dukat
Stardate 42523.7 Episode: The Measure of a Man (TNG)
Stardate 42568.8 Episode: The Dauphin (TNG)
Stardate 42609.1 Episode: Contagion (TNG)
Stardate 42625.4 Episode: The Royale (TNG)
Stardate 42679.2 Episode: Time Squared (TNG)
Stardate 42686.4 Episode: The Icarus Factor (TNG)
Stardate 42695.3 Episode: Pen Pals (TNG)
Stardate 42761.3 Episode: Q Who? (TNG)
Stardate 42779.1 Episode: Samaritan Snare (TNG)
Stardate 42823.2 Episode: Up the Long Ladder (TNG)
Stardate 42859.2 Episode: Manhunt (TNG)
Stardate 42901.3 Episode: The Emissary (TNG)
Stardate 42923.4 Episode: Peak Performance (TNG)
Stardate 42976.1 Episode: Shades of Gray (TNG)
Katherine Pulaski finishes her assignment on the USS Enterprise-D – Evolution (TNG)
Beverly C. Crusher steps down as head of Starfleet Medical and returns to the USS Enterprise-D. – Evolution (TNG)
Worf is promoted to full lieutenant – Evolution (TNG)
Geordi LaForge is promoted to lieutenant commander – Evolution (TNG)
Stardate 43125.8 Episode: Evolution (TNG)
Episode: The Ensigns of Command (TNG)
Stardate 43152.4 Episode: The Survivors (TNG)
Stardate 43173.5 Episode: Who Watches the Watchers? (TNG)
Stardate 43198.7 Episode: The Bonding (TNG)
Stardate 43205.6 Episode: Booby Trap (TNG)
Stardate 43349.2 Episode: The Enemy (TNG)
Stardate 43385.6 Episode: The Price (TNG)
Stardate 43421.9 Episode: The Vengeance Factor (TNG)
Stardate 43462.5 Episode: The Defector (TNG)
Stardate 43489.2 Episode: The Hunted (TNG)
Stardate 43510.7 Episode: The High Ground (TNG)
Stardate 43539.1 Episode: Deja Q (TNG)
Stardate 43610.4 Episode: A Matter of Perspective (TNG)
Stardate 43625.2 Episode: Yesterday’s Enterprise (TNG)
Stardate 43657.0 Episode: The Offspring (TNG)
Harry Kim is admited to Starfleet Academy – Conjecture
Stardate 43685.2 Episode: Sins of the Father (TNG)
Stardate 43714.1 Episode: Allegiance (TNG)
Stardate 43745.2 Episode: Captain’s Holiday (TNG)
Stardate 43779.3 Episode: Tin Man (TNG)
Stardate 43807.4 Episode: Hollow Pursuits (TNG)
Stardate 43872.2 Episode: The Most Toys (TNG)
Stardate 43917.4 Episode: Sarek (TNG)
Stardate 43930.7 Episode: Ménage à Troi (TNG)
Stardate 43957.2 Episode: Transfigurations (TNG)
Stardate 43989.1 Episode: The Best of Both Worlds Part I (TNG)
Stardate 44001.4 Episode: The Best of Both Worlds Part II (TNG)
Stardate 44012.3 Episode: Family (TNG)
Stardate 44085.7 Episode: Brothers (TNG)
Stardate 44143.7 Episode: Suddenly Human (TNG)
Stardate 44161.2 Episode: Remember Me (TNG)
Stardate 44215.2 Episode: Legacy (TNG)
Stardate 44246.3 Episode: Reunion (TNG)
Stardate 44286.5 Episode: Future Imperfect (TNG)
Stardate 44307.3 Episode: Final Mission (TNG)
Stardate 44356.9 Episode: The Loss (TNG)
Stardate 44390.1 Episode: Data’s Day (TNG)
Julian Subatoi Bashir graduates from Starfleet medical school – Conjecture
Stardate 44429.6 Episode: The Wounded (TNG)
Stardate 44474.5 Episode: Devil’s Due (TNG)
Stardate 44502.7 Episode: Clues (TNG)
Episode: First Contact (TNG)
Stardate 44614.6 Episode: Galaxy’s Child (TNG)
Tuvok and Kathryn Janeway meet for the first time – Phage (VGR)
Stardate 44631.2 Episode: Night Terrors (TNG)
Stardate 44664.5 Episode: Identity Crisis (TNG)
Curzon Dax dies. The Dax sybiont is then joined with Jadzia – Dax (DS9)
Stardate 44704.2 Episode: The Nth Degree (TNG)
Stardate 44741.9 Episode: Qpid (TNG)
Stardate 44769.2 Episode: The Drumhead (TNG)
Stardate 44805.3 Episode: Half a Life (TNG)
Stardate 44821.3 Episode: The Host (TNG)
Stardate 44885.5 Episode: The Mind’s Eye (TNG)
Stardate 44932.3 Episode: In Theory (TNG)
Stardate 44995.3 Episode: Redemption Part I (TNG)
Stardate 45020.4 Episode: Redemption Part II (TNG)
Stardate 45047.2 Episode: Darmok (TNG)
Stardate 45076.3 Episode: Ensign Ro (TNG)
Stardate 45122.3 Episode: Silicon Avatar (TNG)
Stardate 45156.1 Episode: Disaster (TNG)
Spock leaves his home on Vulcan to go work undercover on Romulus for Vulcan/Romulan reunification. – Unification Part I (TNG)
Stardate 45208.2 Episode: The Game (TNG)
Stardate 45233.1 Episode: Unification Part I (TNG)
Stardate 45245.8 Episode: Unification Part II (TNG)
Stardate 45349.1 Episode: A Matter of Time (TNG)
Stardate 45376.3 Episode: New Ground (TNG)
Stardate 45397.3 Episode: Hero Worship (TNG)
Stardate 45429.3 Episode: Violations (TNG)
Stardate 45470.1 Episode: The Masterpiece Society (TNG)
Stardate 45494.2 Episode: Conundrum (TNG)
Stardate 45571.2 Episode: Power Play (TNG)
Stardate 45587.3 Episode: Ethics (TNG)
Stardate 45614.6 Episode: The Outcast (TNG)
Stardate 45652.1 Episode: Cause and Effect (TNG)
Stardate 45703.9 Episode: The First Duty (TNG)
Elim Garak is politicaly disgraced and is exiled on Terok Nor. He opens a tailor shop their to pass his time untill he can seek political rehabilition from the Cardassain goverment. – Profit and Loss (DS9)
Stardate 45733.6 Episode: Cost of Living (TNG)
Stardate 45761.3 Episode: The Perfect Mate (TNG)
Stardate 45852.1 Episode: Imaginary Friend (TNG)
Stardate 45854.2 Episode: I, Borg (TNG)
Stardate 45892.4 Episode: The Next Phase (TNG)
Stardate 45944.1 Episode: Inner Light (TNG)
Stardate 45959.1 Episode: Time’s Arrow Part I (TNG)
Stardate 46001.3 Episode: Time’s Arrow Part II (TNG)
Stardate 46041.1 Episode: Realm of Fear (TNG)
Stardate 46071.6 Episode: Man of the People (TNG)
Stardate 46125.3 Episode: Relics (TNG)
Stardate 46154.2 Episode: Schisms (TNG)
Stardate 46192.3 Episode: True Q (TNG)
Stardate 46235.7 Episode: Rascals (TNG)
Stardate 46271.5 Episode: A Fistful of Datas (TNG)
Stardate 46307.2 Episode: The Quality of Life (TNG)
Stardate 46357.4 Episode: Chain of Command Part I (TNG)
The Cardassians relinquish their claim to the Bajor system after decades of terrorist activities. During their withdraw, they poison much of the planets farm lands, vandalize Terok Nor, cause major damage to cities on Bajor, and leave behind numerous Cardassian war orphans who the Bajorans take in. – Emissary (DS9), Cardassians (DS9), Shakaar (DS9)
Stardate 46360.8 Episode: Chain of Command Part II (TNG)
The Bajoran goverment asks Starfleet to establish a presence in the Bajoran system. Starfleet renames the space station Terok Nor Deep Space 9. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko is assigned to be the stations commander. He also requests Bajor mational Kira Nerys be assigned as the Bajoran Liaison. – Emissary (DS9)
The Starship Enterprise-D arrives in the Bajoran system to deliver Starfleet crewmembers to the station including Miles Edward O’Brien and to deliver three Danube class runabouts. – Emissary (DS9)
Stardate 46379.1 Episode: Emissary (DS9)
Episode: Past Prologue (DS9)
Stardate 46421.5 Episode: A Man Alone (DS9)
Stardate 46423.7 Episode: Babel (DS9)
Stardate 46424.1 Episode: Ship in a Bottle (TNG)
Stardate 46461.3 Episode: Aquiel (TNG)
Episode: Captive Pursuit (DS9)
Stardate 46519 Episode: Face of the Enemy (TNG)
Episode: Tapestry (TNG)
Stardate 46531.2 Episode: Q-Less (DS9)
Stardate 46578.4 Episode: Birthright Part I (TNG)
Episode: The Passenger (DS9)
Stardate 46578.4 Episode: Birthright Part II (TNG)
Episode: Move Along Home (DS9)
Episode: The Nagus (DS9)
Stardate 46682.4 Episode: Starship Mine (TNG)
Stardate 46693.1 Episode: Lessons (TNG)
Episode: Vortex (DS9)
Stardate 46731.5 Episode: The Chase (TNG)
Episode: Battle Lines (DS9)
Stardate 46729.1 Episode: The Storyteller (DS9)
Stardate 46778.1 Episode: Frame of Mind (TNG)
Stardate 46830.1 Episode: Suspicions (TNG)
Stardate 46844.3 Episode: Progress (DS9)
Stardate 46852.2 Episode: Rightful Heir (TNG)
Stardate 46853.1 Episode: If Wishes Were Horses (DS9)
Stardate 46910.1 Episode: Dax (DS9)
Stardate 46915.2 Episode: Second Chances (TNG)
Stardate 46922.3 Episode: Dramatis Personae (DS9)
Stardate 46925.1 Episode: The Forsaken (DS9)
Stardate 46944.2 Episode: Timescape (TNG)
Episode: Duet (DS9)
Stardate 46982.1 Episode: Descent Part I (TNG)
Episode: In the Hands of the Prophets (DS9)
Stardate 47025.4 Episode: Descent Part II (TNG)
Episode: Liaisons (TNG)
Episode: The Homecoming (DS9)
Episode: The Circle (DS9)
Episode: The Siege (DS9)
Stardate 47135.2 Episode: Gambit Part I (TNG)
Stardate 47160.1 Episode: Gambit Part II (TNG)
Kes is born on the Ocampa homeword – Elogium (VGR)
Stardate 47177.2 Episode: Cardassians (DS9)
Stardate 47182.1 Episode: Invasive Procedures (DS9)
Stardate 47215.6 Episode: Interface (TNG)
Stardate 47225.7 Episode: Phantasms (TNG)
Stardate 47229.1 Episode: Melora (DS9)
Stardate 47254.1 Episode: Dark Page (TNG)
Stardate 47282.5 Episode: Necessary Evil (DS9)
Stardate 47304.2 Episode: Attached (TNG)
Episode: Rules of Acquisition (DS9)
Stardate 47310.2 Episode: Force of Nature (TNG)
Stardate 47329.4 Episode: Second Sight (DS9)
Stardate 47391.2 Episode: Parallels (TNG), Episode: Sanctuary (DS9)
Stardate 47391.7 Episode: The Alternate (DS9)
Episode: Rivals (DS9)
Stardate 47410.2 Episode: Inheritance (TNG)
Stardate 47423.9 Episode: Homeward (TNG)
Stardate 47423.9 Episode: Sub Rosa (TNG)
Episode: Armageddon Game (DS9)
Stardate 47457.1 Episode: The Pegasus (TNG)
Episode: These Are the Voyages… (ENT)
Stardate 47566.2 Episode: Lower Decks (TNG)
Stardate 47573.1 Episode: Paradise (DS9)
Stardate 47581.2 Episode: Wispers (DS9)
Stardate 47603.3 Episode: Shadowplay (DS9)
Stardate 47611.2 Episode: Thine Own Self (TNG)
Stardate 47615.2 Episode: Masks (TNG)
Stardate 47623.2 Episode: Eye of the Beholder (TNG)
Episode: Playing God (DS9)
Stardate 47653.2 Episode: Genesis (TNG)
Episode: Profit and Loss (DS9)
Stardate 47751.2 Episode: Journey’s End (TNG)
Episode: Blood Oath (DS9)
Stardate 47779.4 Episode: Firstborn (TNG)
Episode: The Maquis Part I (DS9)
Stardate 47829.1 Episode: Bloodlines (TNG)
Episode: The Maquis Part II (DS9)
Stardate 47869.2 Episode: Emergence (TNG)
Episode: The Wire (DS9)
Stardate 47918 Harry Kim graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the new USS Voyager – Non Sequitur (VGR)
Stardate 47941.7 Episode: Preemptive Strike (TNG)
Episode: Crossover (DS9)
Stardate 47944.2 Episode: Tribunal (DS9)
Stardate 47988.1 Episode: All Good Things (TNG)
Episode: The Collaborator (DS9)
Episode: The Jem’Hadar (DS9)
Stardate 47212.4 Episode: The Search Part I (DS9)
Episode: The Search Part II (DS9)
Episode: The House of Quark(DS9)
Episode: Equilibrium (DS9)
Stardate 48308 The Emergency Medical Hologram program on the USS Voyager is activated for the first time. – Projections (VGR)
Episode: The Adandoned (DS9)
Stardate 48315.6 Episode: Caretaker (VGR)
Episode: Second Skin (DS9)
Episode: Civil Defense (DS9)
Stardate 48439.7 Episode: Parallax (VGR)
Episode: Time and Again (VGR)
Episode: Meridian (DS9)
Stardate 48467.3 Episode: Defiant (DS9)
Episode: Fascination (DS9)
Stardate 48481.2 Episode: Past Tense Part I (DS9)
Episode: Past Tense Part II (DS9)
Stardate 48498.4 Episode: Life Suport (DS9)
Stardate 48521.5 Episode: Heart of Stone (DS9)
Stardate 48532.4 Episode: Phage (VGR)
Stardate 48543.2 Episode: Destiny (DS9)
Stardate 48546.2 Episode: The Cloud (VGR)
Episode: Prophet Motive (DS9)
Stardate 48579.4 Episode: Eye of the Needle (VGR)
Episode: Ex Post Facto (VGR)
Episode: Visionary (DS9)
Stardate 48623.5 Episode: Emanations (VGR)
Stardate 48642.5 Episode: Prime Factors (VGR)
Stardate 48650.1 Movie: Star Trek Generations
Worf goes on extended leave to the planet Boreth – Way of the Warrior (DS9)
Geordi LaForge undergoes surgery to recieve ocular implants – Conjecture
Stardate 48658.2 Episode: State of Flux (VGR)
Episode: Distant Voices (DS9)
Episode: Through the Looking Glass (DS9)
Stardate 48693.2 Episode: Heroes and Demons (VGR)
Episode: Improbable Cause (DS9)
Stardate 48734.2 Episode: Cathexis (VGR)
Episode: The Die is Cast (DS9)
Stardate 48784.2 Episode: Faces (VGR)
Episode: Explorers (DS9)
Stardate 48832.1 Episode: Jetrel (VGR)
Episode: Family Business (DS9)
Stardate 48846.5 Episode: Learning Curve (VGR)
Episode: Shakaar (DS9)
Stardate 48892.1 Episode: Projections (VGR)
Episode: Facets (DS9)
Stardate 48921.3 Episode: Elogium (VGR)
Stardate 48959.1 Episode: The Adversary (DS9)
Stardate 48975.1 Episode: The 37’s (VGR)
Stardate 49005.3 Episode: Initiations (VGR)
Stardate 49011 Episode: Non Sequitur (VGR)
Worf is assigned to Deep Space 9 – Way of the Warrior (DS9)
Episode: Way of the Warrior (DS9)
Episode: Twisted (VGR)
Episode: The Visitor (DS9)
Episode: Parturition (VGR)
Stardate 49066.5 Episode: Hippocratical Oath (DS9)
Episode: Indiscretion (DS9)
Stardate 49195.5 Episode: Rejoined (DS9)
Episode: Persistence of Vision (VGR)
Episode: Little Green Men (DS9)
Episode: Tatto (VGR)
Stardate 49263.5 Episode: Starship Down (DS9)
Episode: Cold Fire (VGR)
Episode: The Sword of Kahless (DS9)
Episode: Maneuvers (VGR)
Episode: Resistance (VGR)
The USS Enterprise-E is launched. All the Enterprise-D senior staff with the exception of Worf are assigned to it. – Star Trek: First Contact
Episode: Our Man Bashir (DS9)
Episode: Homefront (DS9)
Episode: Paradise Lost (DS9)
Stardate 49301.2 Episode: Death Wish (VGR)
Episode: Prototype (VGR)
Stardate 49337.4 Episode: Alliances (VGR)
Episode: Crossfire (DS9)
Stardate 49373.4 Episode: Threshold (VGR)
Episode: Return to Grace (DS9)
Episode: Meld (VGR)
Stardate 49447 Episode: Dreadnought (VGR)
Stardate 49485.2 Episode: Investigations (VGR)
Stardate 49504.3 Episode: Lifesigns (VGR)
Stardate 49548.7 Episode: Deadlock (VGR)
Stardate 49556.2 Episode: The Sons of Mogh (DS9)
Episode: Bar Association (DS9)
Episode: Accession (DS9)
Stardate 49655.2 Episode: Tuvix (VGR)
Stardate 49665.3 Episode: Rules of Engagement (DS9)
Episode: Innocence (VGR)
Episode: Hard Time (DS9)
Stardate 49690.1 Episode: Resolution (VGR)
Episode: Shattered Mirror (DS9)
Episode: The Muse (DS9)
Episode: The Thaw (VGR)
Episode: For the Cause (DS9)
Episode: The Quickening (DS9)
Stardate 49904.2 Episode: To the Death (DS9)
Episode: Body Parts (DS9)
Episode: Broken Link (DS9)
Episode: Basics Part I (VGR)
Stardate 50023.4 Episode: Basics Part II (VGR)
Episode: Apocalypse Rising (DS9)
Stardate 50049.3 Episode: The Ship (DS9)
Stardate 50063.2 Episode: Sacred Ground (VGR)
Stardate 50074.3 Episode: False Profits (VGR)
Episode: Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places (DS9)
Stardate 50126.4 Episode: Flashback (VGR)
Episode: …Nor the Battle to the Strong (DS9)
Stardate 50156.2 Episode: The Chute (VGR)
Episode: The Assignment (DS9)
Episode: Trials and Tribble-ations (DS9)
Stardate 50203.1 Episode: Remember (VGR)
Episode: Let He Who Is Without Sin… (DS9)
Stardate 50252.3 Episode: The Swarm (VGR)
Episode: Things Past (DS9)
Episode: Future’s End Part I (VGR)
Stardate 50312.5 Episode: Future’s End Part II (VGR)
Episode: The Ascent (DS9)
Stardate 50348.1 Episode: Warlord (VGR)
Episode: Rapture (DS9)
Episode: The Darkness and the Light (DS9)
Stardate 50384.2 Episode: The Q and the Grey (VGR)
Stardate 50416.2 Episode: The Begotten (DS9)
Stardate 50425.1 Episode: Macrocosm (VGR)
Stardate 50460.3 Episode: Alter Ego (VGR)
Stardate 50485.2 Episode: For the Uniform (DS9)
Episode: Fair Trade (VGR)
Episode: In Purgatory’s Shadow (DS9)
Stardate 50518.6 Episode: Coda (VGR)
Stardate 50537.2 Episode: Blood Fever (VGR)
Stardate 50564.2 Episode: By Inferno’s Light (DS9)
Episode: Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (DS9)
Stardate 50614.2 Episode: Unity (VGR)
Episode: A Simple Investigation (DS9)
Stardate 50693.2 Episode: Darkling (DS9)
Episode: Rise (VGR)
Episode: Business as Usual (DS9)
Stardate 50712.5 Episode: Ties of Blood and Water (DS9)
Episode: Ferengi Love Songs (DS9)
Stardate 50732.4 Episode: Favorite Son (VGR)
Episode: Soldiers of the Empire (DS9)
Stardate 50814.2 Episode: Children of Time (DS9)
Stardate 50863.2 Episode: Real Life (VGR)
Stardate 50893.5 Movie: Star Trek: First Contact
Episode: Distant Origin (VGR)
Episode: Blaze of Glory (DS9)
Stardate 50912.4 Episode: Displaced (VGR)
Episode: Empok Nor (DS9)
Stardate 50953.4 Episode: Worst Case Scenario (VGR)
Episode: In the Cards (DS9)
Stardate 50973 Episode: Before and After (VGR)
Episode: Call to Arms (DS9)
Stardate 50984.3Episode: Scorpion Part I (VGR)
Stardate 51003.7 Episode: Scorpion Part II (VGR)
Stardate 51008 Episode: The Gift (VGR)
Episode: A Time to Stand (DS9)
Episode: Day of Honor (VGR)
Stardate 51082.4 Episode: Nemesis (VGR)
Stardate 51107.2 Episode: Rocks and Shoals (DS9)
Episode: Sons and Daughters (DS9)
Stardate 51149.5 Episode: Behind the Lines (DS9)
Episode: Favor the Bold (DS9)
Stardate 51186.2 Episode: Revulsion (VGR)
Episode: Sacrifice of Angels (DS9)
Episode: The Raven (VGR)
Stardate 51244.3 Episode: Scientific Method (VGR)
Stardate 51247.5 Episode: You Are Cordially Invited… (DS9)
Stardate 51268.4 Episode: Year of Hell
Episode: Resurrection (DS9)
Stardate 51367.2 Episode: Random Thoughts (VGR)
Episode: Statistical Probabilities (DS9)
Stardate 51386.4 Episode: Concerning Flight (VGR)
Episode: The Magnificent Ferengi (DS9)
Stardate 51413.6 Episode: Waltz (DS9)
Episode: Who Mourns for Morn? (DS9)
Stardate 51449.2 Episode: Mortal Coil (VGR)
Episode: Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)
Stardate 51462 Episode: Message in a Bottle (VGR)
Stardate 51471.3 Episode: Waking Moments (VGR)
Stardate 51474.2 Episode: One Little Ship (DS9)
Stardate 51501.4 Episode: Hunters (VGR)
Episode: Honor Among Thieves (DS9)
Stardate 51597.2 Episode: Change of Heart (DS9)
Episode: Wrongs Darker than Death or Night (DS9)
Stardate 51652.3 Episode: Prey (VGR)
Stardate 51658.2 Episode: Retrospect (VGR)
Episode: Inquisition (DS9)
Stardate 51715.2 Episode: The Killing Game (VGR)
Stardate 51721.3 Episode: In the Pale Moonlight (DS9)
Stardate 51762.4 Episode: Vis a Vis (VGR)
Episode: His Way (DS9)
Stardate 51781.2 Episode: The Omega Directive (VGR)
Episode: The Reckoning (DS9)
Episode: Valiant (DS9)
Stardate 51813.4 Episode: Unforgettable (VGR)
Episode: Profit and Lace (DS9)
Episode: Demon (VGR)
Voyager gets caught in the middle of a war between Vaskans and the Kyrians which the Kyrians started. A group of Kyrians board voyager and steal some stuff, including a backup of the holographic doctor. The war ends when the Vaskans concor the Kyrians. The Kyrians are then opperessed for 700 years and blame their problems on the Starship Voyager. – Living Witness (VGR)
Episode: Time’s Orphan (DS9)
Episode: The Sound of Her Voice (DS9)
Stardate 51929.3 Episode: One (VGR)
Episode: Tears of the Prophets (DS9)
Stardate 51978.2 Episode: Hope and Fear (VGR)
The Dax symbiont, while on route to the Trill homeworld, goes into shock. The ship’s doctor had no choice but to implant the symbiot in the only Trill onboard, Ezri Tigan. Ezri changed her name to Ezri Dax as Trill custom dectates but was totaly unprepared for the joining and was extremly confused afterwards. – Shadows and Symbols (DS9)
Ezri Dax arrives on the Trill homeworld and is given some stuff to read that is supposed to help her coop with the joining with the symbiot though it doesn’t help her much. – Prodigal Daughter (DS9)
Stardate 52081.2 Episode: Night (VGR)
Episode: Image in the Sand (DS9)
Stardate 52152.6 Episode: Shadows and Symbols (DS9)
Episode: Afterimage (DS9)
Episode: Take Me Out to the Holosuite (DS9)
Episode: Drone (VGR)
Episode: Chrysalis (DS9)
Episode: Extreme Risk (VGR)
Episode: Treachery, Faith, and the Great River (DS9)
Stardate 52136.4 Episode: In the Flesh (VGR)
Episode: Once More Unto the Breach (DS9)
Episode: Once Upon a Time (VGR)
Episode: The Siege of AR-558 (DS9)
Episode: Timeless (VGR)
Stardate 52179.4 Episode: Thirty Days (VGR)
Episode: Covenant (DS9)
Stardate 52188.7 Episode: Infinite Regress (VGR)
Episode: Nothing Human (VGR)
Episode: Counterpoint (VGR)
Episode: It’s Only a Paper Moon (DS9)
Episode: Prodigal Daughter (DS9)
Episode: Latent Image (VGR)
Episode: Bride of Chaotica! (VGR)
Movie: Star Trek: Insurrection
Episode: The Emperor’s New Cloak (DS9)
Stardate 52438.9 Episode: Gravity (VGR)
Episode: Field of Fire (DS9)
Episode: Chimera (DS9)
Episode: The Disease (VGR)
Episode: Badda-Bing Badda-Bang (DS9)
Stardate 52542.3 Episode: Bliss (VGR)
Episode: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (DS9)
Episode: The Fight (VGR)
Episode: Think Tank (VGR)
Stardate 52576.2 Episode: Penumbra (DS9)
Episode: ‘Til Death Do Us Part (DS9)
Stardate 52586.3 Episode: Course: Oblivion (VGR)
Episode: Strange Bedfellows (DS9)
Episode: The Changing Face of Evil (DS9)
Episode: Juggernaut (VGR)
Stardate 52619.2 Episode: Dark Frontier (VGR)
Episode: When It Rains… (DS9)
Episode: 11:59 (VGR)
Episode: Tacking Into the Wind (DS9)
Stardate 52645.7 Episode: Extreme Measures (DS9)
Stardate 52647 Episode: Someone to Watch Over Me (VGR)
Episode: The Dogs of War (DS9)
Episode: What You Leave Behind (DS9)
Stardate 52861.274 Episode: Relativity (VGR)
Episode: Warhead (VGR)
Episode: Equinox Part I (VGR)
Episode: Equinox Part II (VGR)
Stardate 53049.2 Episode: Survival Instinct (VGR)
Episode: Barge of the Dead (VGR)
Episode: Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy (VGR)
Stardate 53167.9 Episode: Dragon’s Teeth (VGR)
Episode: Alice (VGR)
Stardate 53263.2 Episode: Riddles (VGR)
Stardate 53292.7 Episode: One Small Step (VGR)
Episode: The Voyager Conspiracy (VGR)
Episode: Pathfinder (VGR)
Stardate 53447.2 Episode: Tsunkatse (VGR)
Episode: Fair Haven (VGR)
Episode: Blink of an Eye (VGR)
Stardate 53556.4 Episode: Virtuoso (VGR)
Episode: Memorial (VGR)
Episode: Collective (VGR)
Episode: Spirit Folk (VGR)
Stardate 53679.4 Episode: Ashes to Ashes (VGR)
Episode: Child’s Play (VGR)
Stardate 53753.2 Episode: Good Shepherd (VGR)
Stardate 53849.2 Episode: Live Fast and Prosper (VGR)
Stardate 53896 Episode: Muse
Episode: Fury (VGR)
Episode: Life Line (VGR)
Episode: The Haunting of Deck Twelve (VGR)
Episode: Unimatrix Zero Part I (VGR)
Stardate 54014.4 Episode: Unimatrix Zero Part II (VGR)
Stardate 54058.6 Episode: Drive (VGR)
Stardate 54090.4 Episode: Repression (VGR)
Stardate 54129.4 Episode: Imperfection (VGR)
Episode: Critical Care (VGR)
Stardate 54208.3 Episode: Inside Man (VGR)
Stardate 54238.3 Episode: Body and Soul (VGR)
Stardate 54274.7 Episode: Nightingale (VGR)
Stardate 54337.5 Episode: Flesh and Blood (VGR)
Episode: Shattered (VGR)
Stardate 54452.6 Episode: Lineage (VGR)
Episode: Repentance (VGR)
Stardate 54518.2 Episode: Prophecy (VGR)
Stardate 54553.4 Episode: The Void (VGR)
Stardate 54584.3 Episode: Workforce Part I (VGR)
Stardate 54622.4 Episode: Workforce Part II (VGR)
Episode: Human Error (VGR)
Stardate 54704.5 Episode: Q2 (VGR)
Stardate 54732.3 Episode: Author, Author (VGR)
Stardate 54775.4 Episode: Friendship One (VGR)
Stardate 54827.7 Episode: Natural Law (VGR)
Stardate 54868.6 Episode: Homestead (VGR)
Stardate 54890.7 Episode: Renaissance Man (VGR)
Stardate 54973.4 Episode: Endgame (VGR)
Kathryn Janeway gets promoted to Admiral – Conjecture
*2379***Stardate 56844.9 Movie: Star Trek Nemesis

Basic Timeline (WiP)

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